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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lower Back Butterfly Tattoos for Women

The lower back is probably the best place that can be used for sporting butterfly tattoo designs. These tattoos are cute and small, which can display much about the wearer's femininity. Butterflies are all about different vibrant colors, so different colors can be used in the tattoos as well. You can consider wearing these tattoos in many types of colors that you find pleasing to the eyes. The size of these lower back tattoos also matters, wherein you can wear small butterfly tattoos or large ones on the lower back. Women celebrities like Mariah Carey and Julia Roberts have largely contributed to the fame of lower back butterfly tattoos. These tattoos are increasingly gaining popularity among youngsters and teenagers of today.

Some say that whenever you see butterflies circling around you, it is a sign that someone is trying to make their presence felt. It could be either that they are missing you, that they are in great danger, or that you are simply on their mind. Nevertheless, butterfly tattoos can be attached to special people in our lives as a reminder to never forget what made the friendship or love worthwhile. Butterfly tattoos are attractive and colourful and are good for starting enthusiasts.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WHy Girls Like Tattoos

My favorite design out of the entire bunch is this flock of swallows cascading down a girl’s bare back. Bird tattoos are ideal firsts because they are very basic, clean-looking and very sophisticated. It represents freedom and independence, perfect for those who have just graduated from being a minor and have successfully stepped out into the adult world. Other popular birds that make for cool inks are owls, eagles and Mayas, whether as a singular design or made in flocks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Tattoos For Gilrs On Back

This Is new Tattoo In The market this tattoo is basically for girls and its very different one if you can see the idea of this tattoos very rare and unique a girl who is stuck in the rope and trying to set her self free with knife and she is struggling for it that is very unique work by a great tattoo master.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Girls Designs Tattoos Star Tattoos On Foot

The easiest (and most adorable, in my opinion) design to start with is a star. Stars represent a multitude of symbolism's, from fame to dreams to achievement and even to Christmas. Countless people have dedicated the stars in their body to special people in their lives, which holds a great amount of sentiment that could justify getting it in the first place. The outline of the design is attractive enough, but lots can be done with regards to the shading and coloring of the image.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Free tattoo pictures for women

Some butterfly tattoos are so realistic; it appears as if a real butterfly has landed onto your body. An example of such a tattoo is seen in the picture above. These are called 3D tattoos, and aim to be as realistic as possible. In the picture we see a stylized monarch butterfly, a popular butterfly for tattoos, etched onto an unusual spot on the person’s body; the ankle. However, it shows us that while this person is edgy and unafraid to show off their personal style through tattoos, this person is also unique in choosing such a different spot for this butterfly tattoo.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Careful With Tattoos Girls Tattoos Could be dangerous

Tattoos are windows into a person’s soul, an inked depiction of their thoughts, their ideas, and their personality. Butterfly tattoos, usually seen on females, show us that the personality of the wearer is feminine and flirty, but the different styles of butterfly tattoos offer us even more insight into the person. Here we see a massive, stylized butterfly spread across this woman’s torso,  completely visible, showing us her fearless nature, and penchant for fantastical creatures, as she has chosen a butterfly that looks like something out of a fairy story!