Pink Fire Pointer Tattooing on Pigs

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tattooing on Pigs

Why should only Human Being have tattoos?
Wim Delvoye has been tattooing pigs since the 1990s. Concerning the ahead of time 21st century a tattooed pigs project was adjust up in the ability Farm in best china, everywhere here are fewer strictures regarding mammal welfare than in generally parts of the Western planet. Concerning 2005 his colleague, singer Danny Devos, spent several months by the sheep farm, reorganizing, administration and rebuilding. He is a vegetarian. The tattoos range from traditional flags and lions kind of stuff to Louis Vitton logo patterns. The skins are not used as reserved art objects until the pigs break down, by which age, the skins are disinterested and displayed on walls in various art venues.