Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Kiss For a Tribal Rose Tattoo

The tribal flower tattoos have sub-categories within it and tribal rose tattoos are one of the most popular.
The versatility of the tribal pattern has made it popular among tattoo enthusiasts. It can be done as a standalone or as a background for another design. It can have edges or curves and still serve the same purpose. The color can vary as well. It can work well with a wide range of multi-color designs and still manage to stand out. In fact, all popular tattoo designs always have a tribal pattern with them. Like tribal tiger tattoos, tribal cross tattoos and tribal flower tattoos.
Ancient mythology uses rose as a dedication to goddess of love. It is mysterious and sacred.
Nowadays, a rose tattoo is mostly commissioned to show devotion to a significant other. It is often regarded as romantic to have this inked on your skin. The purpose of choosing a rose tattoo sometimes borders on the poetic, because a rose represents positive feelings and emotions.
The rose's numerous colours are enough to draw admiration within tattoo loving community. The white rose, for instance, is associated with Marian devotion. Making a white rose the tattoo design of choice by the religious. Red rose is an ultimate symbol of romantic love and pale pink rose connotes gentleness and gratitude. Combining the colours also alters its significance. Combining white and yellow roses is a symbol of harmony, while red and yellow roses signify happiness.
A rose tattoo is usually done as a single image. However, it could be done in numbers as well. The number of roses and how they are tattooed are also relevant. Two entwined roses represent commitment. The number of roses a father would have tattooed on him is sometimes based on the number of offspring he has.
Tribal rose tattoos are usually done at a smaller scale than the other tribal designs, most often, by women. It is commonly placed on the wrist, ankle and bosom. There are men who choose this design as well, but still for reasons relating to women. They have it done on them to honour and pay tribute to the women of their lives.
Choosing a tribal rose tattoo is not as easy as one might think. Research needs to be done to ensure that what you really want to convey is what will be tattooed on you. What makes it even more complicated is combining it with a tribal design. But the beauty of the tribal rose tattoos is on the simplicity of the rose and the intricacy of a tribal pattern. How the contrasting images make the art work is beautiful to look at.
Tribal rose tattoos may just be a sub-category of tribal flower design, but its significance and aesthetic purpose are equally valuable to the tattoo enthusiasts. Additional research is necessary in capturing the exact concept you have in mind. Although a rose is generally a positive symbol, you still would be nice to have what you really want eternally etched on your skin.