Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpion tattoos are a recent emergence in the area of tattoo decorative art designs. Prior to this one must understand there are many designs out of which some must be shown to others and some must be retained in the mind. 

The design for tattoos provides a lot of scope for innovation. The tattoo has certain meanings and aspirations in ones life. They are the reflection of ones thoughts and ideologies. It is in the hand of the artists to make the dreams of the customers ideas and ideals come true.

A Scorpion tattoo is mostly used by men in the society. The symbol of a Scorpio has different understanding to it. Some may perceive the mark when they have had a heart break. It reflects the amount of pain that a human body undergoes just like the way he has been bitten by a scorpion.

The scorpion as a tattoo design is also being used because it is a zodiac sign. People rather than using the symbol of the zodiac make the insect design as the tattoo. 

To understand the analogy of scorpions one must understand that this insect can strive for life in any situation. That is it can adapt effectively in different living areas and climates without any hassles. Similarly, the depiction of a scorpion tattoo on a human body mean that whatever situation may lie in front of the person, he would do his best in order to survive.

The tattoo is usually made using bold designs and black inks. But technology has also evolved so newer methods and vivid colors are available. Hence, they can be used effectively and a colorful tattoo can also be made. Accepting the fact they reflect the dark side of a human mind but they also look attractive and appealing to the naked eyes at the same time.

The tattoo is not gender specific and the variations of it can be used by both the sexes. It can be positioned and placed in parts like hands, legs or arms.