Pink Fire Pointer Tribal Armband Tattoos

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tribal Armband Tattoos

Tribal form of tattoos have emerged as the most popularly known among the people these days. Tribal tattooing should not be considered as a fad because its roots are based in history. 

It is the re-emergence of the concept of tattooing that has taken place after a very long time. However, a question that is unanswered is the influence of these tattoo designs on the youth when they have never been exposed to an environment outside their urban settlement.

One of the commonly accepted tribal designs are the armband tattoo designs. This has particularly been an area of interest since it offers a variety of types leading to many options like the Celtic and Gothic. 

The genesis of these armband tattoo designs can be traced down to the Polynesian Islands. These tattoos were then taken to Europe from where the Hawaiian took it further. 

This transition has lead to the recognition of this form of tattoo design which signifies a particular status of the people in a society. In the current world such recognition is done in the form of uniforms, emblems etc. nevertheless, these armband tattoo designs were first seen in the early 90's as many of the rock bands and musicians incorporated these designs on the body for attraction purpose. 
 Ranging from a simple to complex design, they have created a demand because of the large black inked designs.

Celtic armband tattoo designs are one of the most popular type of these designs. This is because traditionally these tattoos were marked with the aid of a bark tree which is blue in color called the woad. These designs seem to be intricate but are simple interlocked or interwoven patterns which for a chain like structure. It is usually practiced on the arms, particularly toned arms which gives it a very attractive appeal and which can also be hidden beneath the sleeves.

These tattoo forms are widely acceptable these days because they have a bold and black design. The art is also not that complex hence requires minimum time which cuts down the cost expenditure along with saving some time. This may be the major drive for people getting armband tattoo designs.