Pink Fire Pointer Shoulder Tattoos

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shoulder Tattoos

If one is confused about the place for a suitable tattoo then it is advisable to start with the shoulder. It becomes the area of emphasis and also provides a wide area to be covered which provides some scope for innovation with the designs that are being used. Flexibility factor can also be maintained with the shoulder and later on designs can be extended.

The location of a tattoo can be compared with a real estate agency. One may for a moment may not think and invest in an agency but for a tattoo it is imperative to understand the location and along with it the design or theme for a better investment because tattoos are a permanent change. 

The ball and socket joint area provides a curve that can be used to depict a floral design very aptly and the design in this area is also called the upper arm tattoo. The flowers can be used as falling from the top, a cupid at the top back etc are designs that can be incorporated for the area.

The use of a design on the shoulder is not gender specific. It can be used freely and aptly by both men and women. Rather for them it's the most appropriate place for a tattoo. The women can reveal the back when wearing a dress, halter necks etc. while the men can reveal the design when on the beach with a bare chest or at the gym while exercising. The common design patterns for both the sexes vary drastically, particularly for this area. The women prefers to use designs like flowers, angels etc. For men the design varies from a group of small intricate designs, Japanese tattoos, Celtics etc.

When you have just got your new tattoo done it should not be exposed to direct sun rays and friction with clothes must be avoided. Extra care is necessary because the shoulder is a sensitive area. Tattooing in this area can be very painful as there is limited muscle, tattooing on bone hurts a little more than on muscle or fat.