Pink Fire Pointer Choosing Among Different Tattoo Crosses

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Choosing Among Different Tattoo Crosses

There are many reasons that people decide to get tattoo crosses on their bodies. Some people get it to represent their religious faith or the hardships they must deal with in life. Other people may get them simply because they love how it looks. Whatever the reason, make sure you take enough time to decide on the perfect design and placement, because it will be with you forever.

If you are getting a tattoo of a cross to remind you of something meaningful in your life, you might want to place it somewhere on your body that you can easily see. Wrist and forearm tattoos are the best because it will be easy for you to admire your tattoo. However, you should keep in mind employment opportunities for the future and how some employers will not hire individuals with visible tattoos.

For a more discrete placement, you can put the tattoo on your upper back. In between the shoulder blades is a popular place for people to get cross tattoos. Here, nobody can see the tattoo but you, making it more personal and secret.

Tattoos do not always represent Christianity. There are countless Celtic crosses that are beautiful because of their ornate nature. The circle around the Celtic cross has many different meanings, so you can do some research online or in books to find out what cross is right for you.

For religious individuals who are getting tattoo crosses as a symbol of their faith, you can accompany the tattoo with your favorite scripture. Having a quote with your cross will bring more meaning to the tattoo and will always remind you of what is important to you. Make a rough drawing of what you want the cross and scripture to look like, and then bring it to a tattoo artist so they can give it some real flare and personality. Double check to make sure it is exactly what you want before putting it on your body.