Pink Fire Pointer Frog Art - What Do Frog Tattoos Mean

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Frog Art - What Do Frog Tattoos Mean

The frog has spiritual and cultural significance in every society that has used it for symbols and signs. The symbolism related to the frog has been derived from its physical features and also from its name.

Symbolism Based on Physical Characteristics
1. The frog is a highly versatile creature that is different from any other. Its physical features, survival adaptations and breeding capabilities make it an interesting organism to observe and draw inspiration from for your designs. The metamorphism of the frog from the tadpole to its adult stage is fascinating and the frog is able to spawn thousands of its own offsprings in one cycle. The frog is able to live both on land and water due to its amphibious nature. The creature is able to adapt itself to many harsh conditions. All of these traits serve as inspiration to many tattoo lovers as symbols of fertility, energy, perseverance, rebirth and healing.

Ancient Frog Symbolism
2. The frog is supposed to be sacred in ancient symbolism. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love is said to have held the frog as being sacred, some of the ancient gods are supposed to have the heads of frogs. The Egyptians held the frog gods as being symbols of life.

The Ancient Tartars also considered the frog as sacred. The frog was supposed to have been the creator of fire while some also called it the creator of man. The creature was also considered as a protector and its tattoo on the neck was supposed to prevent the death of a warrior from decapitation.

In China, some of the temples were built to honour the frog as a deity. It is also considered as a symbol of prosperity in business.

Tribal Frog Symbolism
In North America, the frog is a symbol of wealth. It is also believed to be the bringer of rain in many parts of the region. They are also considered as a magical totem in Native American tradition.

It is also a means to connect people to nature and to complete them. They are supposed to protect and guide men along the right path in life spiritually and mentally.