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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cool Unique Tattoos

Tattooing is not a new concept. It is just a new fashion. The fashion cycle moves in a uniform direction and therefore the tattooing as a recent trend has re-emerged. But before that it is important to understand the genesis of tattoos. From the Polynesian perspective i.e. the word 'ta" means something attractive and the other from Tahitian perspective which means to emboss something. As discussed earlier, tattoo is not a new concept. 

In the earlier times the flag of a particular clan was marked on individual bodies to distinguish the members of a family or a society. It prevented inter mingling of people and therefore this identification helped in many ways. In Japan also the tattooing culture was prevalent in the Paleolithic era.

It is seen that tats have a wide range of designs. They may vary from simple to complex designs depicting some form of passion for nature, immediate surroundings and environment. Before getting a tattooing done one must first gather an in depth knowledge of tattoos. Further, a design must be selected in accordance with the needs and desires that suit the personality as well. However, there is an option of getting a temporary tat done in case one is too conscious about the final result. 

A person who is highly professional should be consulted for getting the tat embossed on the body. The design selected should have some flexibility so that in the years to come the design can be modified as monotony can occur with the same design. In case one has some kind of skin allergies, prior to tattooing a skin specialist should be consulted.

Tattoos can be gender specific. Tattoo design for women could be cupids, butterflies, flowers, fairy etc. On the other hand for males, dragons, cross, Celtic, lion tats are some of the options.
Tattoos can also depict a story. These are unique tattoos that can be made by clubbing different designs in order to form one design. A vigilant use of designs must be done by consulting some professionals and online catalogs that provide a fair idea about this.