Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inner Wrist Tattoo Designs Are Sexy and Hot

One who is considering a variety of tattoos and the design placement should look at inner wrist tattoo designs, particularly when they desire a design that is generally considered sexy. Inner wrist tattoo designs are usually dainty and elegant so when inked on a female's inner wrist they are seen as really hot and desirable by males.
There are numerous popular female inner wrist designs to consider so it can be somewhat difficult to decide on the exact design that represents you and your purpose of wearing inner wrist tattoo designs on your body. Let's explore some of the various designs that are popular;
1) One of the most common of inner wrist designs is flower tattoos. Flowers are considered feminine in nature and are highly symbolic. A lady will usually settle on a species of flower that has an important meaning to them. For the meaning of different floral tattoo designs, just research the term "floral tattoo designs" and several of the results will explain the meaning of each flower.
2) Stars are also extremely popular inner wrist tattoo designs. Many women will get a cluster of stars inked on their inner wrist but the most popular is something like a nautical star. Stars are highly symbolic and more so as inner wrist tattoo designs. Nautical stars are more popular with males as it is an old sailor tattoo and represents the North Star which is used by sailors to find their way home. In more general terms, nautical stars as inner wrist tattoo designs would be a symbol of finding and following your own life's path.
3) More recently I've noticed inner designs that support a cause close to the wearers heart, usually an idea developed form a tragedy such as the loss of a love one to cancer. These special designs are of ribbons which represent cancer and they are in different colors. This is a fantastic avenue which to keep the cause in front of you so you will always be aware of how difficult such a disease is for everyone, and how important it is to continue to develop a cure for any of these life changing diseases.
There are many more possibilities to consider with inner wrist tattoo designs such as personal sayings or quotes, your initials or maybe even a tribal symbol. It's totally your decision but remember all inner wrist tattoo designs are highly visible and an exceptional opportunity to advance your heart felt ideas. Invest the thought, time and research to be sure your inking is one you will always wear with great pride. Consider your reasoning for looking at these designs, such as fashion, sexy attractiveness or advancing a cause, or whatever else, then act upon your dream by visiting your local tattoo artists. One last important piece of advice is to completely research your artists to be sure you end up with a quality inking job since it will be very difficult to undo.