Pink Fire Pointer What Is So Sexy About Ankle Tattoo Designs

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Is So Sexy About Ankle Tattoo Designs

I once was asked why I think ankle tattoo designs are one of the most appealing and sexy of all designs, and why the ankle? It heightened my curiosity so I have invested the time to take an in depth look at ankle tattoo designs and here are some interesting results.

It seems above all that small designs are more appealing to others, particularly males. Ankle art is usually one of the most delicate of all tattoos along with the inner wrist tattoo designs.

These feminine tattoo designs seem to work well for the ladies as they accentuate the beauty of the leg and the shape of a woman's body. One of the most common reasons for a woman electing to have an ankle tattoo is their desire to feel attractive and sexy without appearing permissive and ankle tattoo designs accomplish this more than all others.

Another reason to consider ankle designs is the ease in which they can be covered. A common concern is the acceptance of tattoos in a professional work environment so many women put great emphasis on the ability to cover up an inking. This is easily accomplished by wearing long pants, yet shorter pants, dresses and other appropriate dress attire will expose ankle tattoo designs adding to the attractiveness and sexuality of a woman.
Other considerations is the availability of bright and vibrant colors that fit well with these tiny designs, designs such as butterflies, flowers and stars as well as others. All tattoo designs have these colors available; however ankle tattoos seem to bring out additional beauty when these colors are used in combination with others.

Finally these inkings can be as simple or complex as a woman desires. One of the most popular and common designs is the ankle bracelet. Ankle bracelet designs wrap around the ankle like a bracelet and can appear to just hang there and not only is it attractive and sexy, it is also highly fashionable. 

These bracelet designs are sometimes so simple and woven around each other as they surround the ankle and at other times it can be many designs linked together to form unique designs, sort of the look of a high priced charm bracelet, but permanent.

One other point to make, ankle designs are generally less expensive since they are smaller in size, unless you opt for a very intricate design which could add to the price, but consider them to be exceptionally affordable and an eye appealing addition to a lady.