Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feminine Tattoos - Tattoo Designs For Women

The opposite sexes of the human race have made their own style statements and their choice of tattoos are also very different. The University of Florida undertook a survey in the year 2004 that portrayed the differences between the opinions and attitudes of men and women when it came to tattooing themselves.

20 percent of the total women surveyed in a college graduating class were tattooed while among the men, about 40 percent of them had a tattoo. As the purpose of getting tattooed is to bring out one's inner self and ideas, females might find it comforting with the ideas of feminine tattoos.

Flowers represent sensuality and beauty, which are the defining traits of the feminine side of the human race. Therefore these are used as popular portrayals of the feminine traits. The design can be made in black, or a single color can be used while multiple shades or hues are also a viable option. Few females use a flower that can hint at their birth month while other use different flora or arrangements that does justice to their personality or their ideas in a very feminine fashion. Another popular use of flowers as tattoos is as a memory to a beloved one. The name of the person concerned can be surrounded by flowers to express love and admiration towards the individual.

Butterflies are some of the most feminine insects that can be found. Their wings and graceful flight can be related to the beauty of the female kind and their gracefulness. It is very useful choice for a tattoo as it can be used in an infinite number of shapes and sizes and colors. The designs of these insects can be also linked with specific words or other symbols. A few visualize the butterfly as a symbol of peace while others link it with the ideas of freedom or rebirth. The designs involving the butterfly is normally made on the small of the back that is usually followed up with decorations.

The Zodiac
The twelve Zodiac signs can be portrayed as feminine symbols in an array of different ways. The possibilities are unlimited. Ancient, modern, simple or complex; all of these ideas can be portrayed by the Zodiac signs. Each symbol used will have a different meaning which is special to the person using it on his body.